Identity Crisis


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Thanks for following our journey to become missionaries. This has been a humbling process the last three years. Now that you know where we are going, you might want to ask how did you get here?

So much of my life I didn’t know where I was going or what I was doing. Looking back, I’ve been lucky. There were so many times I felt lost or I identified with the wrong things or wrong crowds. I’ve identified myself as a son, brother, athlete, traveler, employee, husband, and father. While most of those things are true, there is one identity I should have taken hold of a long time ago.

In 2013, I gave my life to Christ at Lifepoint Church. Listening to Pastor Jeff Kapusta preach the gospel was eye opening. Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ never really entered my mind. I knew you should go to church and pay attention, but actually admitting there is sin in my life was overwhelming. The fact is, admitting that I had sin in my life should have been easy. We are all separated from God and the only way to redeem that area of my life was believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Lord over my life.

Does that decision wave a magic wand and change everything? That’s a very easy NO, but my life changed a lot. I began to care about things God cares about. Serving and loving other people made sense because that is what Jesus came to this earth to do. He stepped down from heaven and lived among us. He was tempted with everything we are tempted with, but did not sin. Jesus is the ultimate example of how to love and serve people.

We hope our walk with Christ encourages you. When we asked Jesus into our life everything changed. There was a new hope and I felt like I was becoming the person God created me to be. The word sin can be scary, but sin destroys our lives if we don’t recognize it. Sin leads to addiction, unhealthy habits, overwhelming debt, and can lead to death. We might not physically die, but we will be separated from God.

Am I free from all these things now? Again, the answer is NO, but there is a peace in my life that was never there before. I know Jesus wants me to love my wife as Jesus loved the church. I know I am a better father because of my relationship with Christ. I know I don’t have to walk this earth alone and I know I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

Now, we hope our life is a reflection of Christ. We hope our students at Rift Valley Academy see Christ in us and it inspires them to follow Him. I remember hearing that you should be careful to let Jesus into your life because he might take over. If living a life of service and loving others is a result of taking over, I’m glad he did.  

If you have questions about a relationship with Christ let us know. We can talk about it or point you to a life giving church that will walk with you.


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